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Crazy Larry was one of the great joys around here. In 2008 he played at the MO/KAN Gospel Music Association, yelled at them for being a dog and pony show and missing Jesus, then went backstage, drank some coffee and had a heart attack.  He never woke up and a week or so later went Home.  We prayed about if we were supposed to go to the hospital and then even go to the funeral home and pray him back.  God said, "Are you kidding?! He'd jump up and strangle you." Truly, this was a life transformed - and he never looked back. We miss him a lot.

Larry's Crazy Testimony - Part 1


Larry's Crazy Testimony - Part 2


Larry and the Boys playing


Larry Singing "Little Lamb"


Larry Singing "Neighbors"

Larry Singing "Water to Wine"