Dec 1, 2023
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About once a month we stop what we're doing and make ourselves available for anyone that wants to come. There is NO CHARGE.

Usually it means:
Friday night dinner, then fellowship and prayer,
Saturday help out, tour, then evening dinner and prayer,
Sunday fellowship, personal time, then dinner and prayer.

Folks can come for some or all. Please RSVP.

January - No Conference
February 16-18
March 22-24
April 26-28
May 17-19
June 14-16
July 5-7
August 16-18
September 20-22
October 18-20
November 28-1 (Thanksgiving - Th-Sun)
December - No Conference

Please RSVP to fotm@fellowshipofthemartyrs.com

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What We Are Not

We are NOT a "church" as you would typically think of it.  We have no organizational structure. The Fellowship Of The Martyrs is not a 501(c)(3) charity. Although there might be people that are considered "elders", we have no hierarchy or decision making authority over anyone other than ourselves. We rely on God to direct.  We will informally support and help each other as we are led.

We are NOT a "movement."  This is not a fad or a flash in the pan.  We're not trying to create something new.  We're trying to restore people to their "first love," to get back to the beginning and do what Christ wanted.  This may seem new and weird in the USA, but it's happening all over the world.

We are NOT leader-driven.  Once people can tell the difference between Truth and not-quite-Truth and have a wide, clear communication with Jesus, they are fully capable of accomplishing that for which He has made them.  Each person has their part to play, some more high-profile than others.  That doesn't mean they're in charge.

We are NOT about seeking manifestations or signs or wonders or miracles.  We are about Truth.  Now ... we think that if you get enough Truth in you and you are entirely inside the will of God it's likely that some really unusual things may start happening.  But we seek God because He is God - whether those things happen or not is up to Him.  If we seek God FOR those things, it is idolatry. Any good thing that comes is to His glory, not ours.  We're to worship and seek the Creator, not the creation.  And if those things DO happen, they need to happen inside of the instructions described in Scripture.

We are NOT going to tell anyone how to serve or how much to give or to whom.  We have done so much damage to the world and confused so many people that everything is upside down and now most people will accept anything that is anywhere even close to Truth.  All we're trying to do is get everyone's ears tuned back in to REAL TRUTH.  Then God will tell them what to do.

If you don't think God talks to people, even though the Bible says that His sheep hear His voice - well... then you're just probably not going to be very useful for what's coming.  Some of us grew up being taught that kind of nonsense, then we learned better.  Your theory can't trump our reality.  God speaks to His people - in all kinds of ways.  Shut up and listen. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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