"Fellowship of the Martyrs" is what God told us the "Church" should be - the "Koinonia ton Martus" in Greek - the comradeship, the family, the brotherhood of the witnesses that will NOT back down no matter what.  Koinonia is a very rich word.  So much of "church" is like a bag of marbles clinking around against each other - or like pieces of a puzzle inside a box, an assembly but not assembled.  When really we should be like a bunch of grapes that get stomped into the New Wine and can never get back into their little, independent skins ever again!  And "martus," well, up until the 1st century it meant "witness" - as someone who testifies in court.  When Jesus gave the Great Commission and said, "Go and be my witnesses unto the ends of the earth," the word there is "martus." The word came to mean those who would die rather than change their testimony AFTER the Christians were brought in courts and coliseums and refused to back down. It was NEVER about people strapping on bombs and blowing up public busses and airplanes. Those are just murderers. It always meant those who would rather DIE then deny Christ.  So that's what the Church ought to be - stomped grapes that mean it ALL the way and scream, "JESUS!" in the face of anything that comes at them.

If you're not that now, you better get there quick. Time is running out!

We have a bunch of FREE books here that you can download the PDF digital files - or buy the paperbacks.

To get you started with understanding who we are and what we're about, please read "The Open Letter of Apology to the World."  It was written in December of 2004 and pretty wells sums up what we're about.

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