What Now?!

Let me assure you, that despite the sad, convicting tone of most of the information on this site, we are full of hope and excitement!  The glory of God is about to burst forth in such unmistakable ways that few will be able to deny it.  The gift of God comes in His willingness to, before the foundation of the world, know each of us individually, know that we were going to be stinkers who required much before we were holy enough to be in His presence and then to willingly sacrifice His own son anyway.  Jesus, despite being God, humbled Himself to become a man and to live a dirty, smelly life like ours, and to be unfairly accused and unjustly tried and to die a death unlike anything you or I can imagine.  All in order that we might see a role model of perfect righteousness and that we might accept His sacrifice on our behalf to wipe the slate clean so that we could be in the presence of a Holy God without condemnation.  God says that those who acknowledge their need, submit themselves to Jesus and live a life characterized by love will become joint heirs with Jesus.  Imagine that!!  Joint Heirs in an eternity in the presence of God!  That is the Spirit of Adoption -- that God would risk His own Son on behalf of a stranger who had tons of problems, and then split the first-born's inheritance with us. 

There is endless jumping up and down and shortness of breath and passing out - and outright WORSHIP -  if you're in the audience when Oprah gives away new cars and stuff - but hardly a peep among Christians about the greatest gift of all time.  But something BIG is coming!  Don't know what it will look like exactly or who is going to be out in front, but there are a lot of us plugged into a New Song and the volume is getting louder.

If you haven't already, find God.  And not just any old god.  They're not the same thing.  We're not all worshiping one god in different ways!  That's the lie that started mankind's crazy ride!!  There aren't lots of paths to that one truth in the universe.  Don't worship the Creation (stars, sun, earth, moon, money, people, spirits) when you should be worshiping the Creator that made them all and set them in motion and knows how it's all going to play out in the end.

It's not enough to pray a little magic prayer and get fire insurance to keep you out of Hell.  Jesus wants a real commitment in return for the kind of gift God is offering.  If you're not going to be different - don't bother.  We already have enough insincere Christians.  (Read the book of 1st John.)

There is movement afoot to start consolidating resources and creating jobs for obedient Christians first and foremost and using their labor to generate funds for the Kingdom.  I would encourage you to read anything from John Piper (www.DesiringGod.org). He and others are arguing that if you have marketable skills that can generate big revenue - then you should work, live simply, and generate maximum revenue for the Kingdom. If you are of an age and have the finances to retire and move to Florida and veg in front of the TV, then you have the great blessing of being free to devote your life to practically any ministry at no cost. There's no age of retirement from Kingdom responsibilities!

Beloved, I think we have at MOST five to seven years to do all that God is asking of us - maybe less. What could you accomplish if you took everything God has given you and invested it into a giant burst of activity between now and then? And you know what, if we're all wrong and nothing happens, then you will have had a chance to be obedient and trust in God instead of your own skills or those of your investment banker.

Don't spend another dime with the American church monoliths. They are a terrible investment. If they were a publicly traded company, they would have been all jailed years ago for the BILLIONS they've pilfered and wasted. We lose $5,000,000 PER DAY to fraud from trusted church leaders. People like Joyce Meyer with her million dollar homes and lear jet are indeed "living in their reward" and that's all there's going to be, too.

It's going to take massive amounts of money to fulfill the Great Commission in the next five years. The Church is UNABLE to do it because they're unwilling to stop spending on themselves. Despite hundreds of denomination plans to reach the world by 2000, we didn't even keep up with population growth. They spend $8 BILLION a year going to conferences to TALK about how to DO missions. No self-respecting business executive with any hope to keep their job would spend the way we do in the church. The only chance is a massive movement of God's people to be obedient with their own money and to be creative in generating massive new amounts of money and making sure it gets used efficiently. 

Let me draw you the contrast. Many of the Gospel for Asia native missionaries go to seminary for three years waking at 6am and studying, praying or preaching until midnight. They live on around $2 per day. They pray and agonize to hear the Lord say where he wants them to go. When they get a word, GFA buys them a one way bus ticket and sends them off with a change of clothes and lots of tracts and materials. In some places the new missionary is escorted to the village by GFA elders. There they pray for the village for hours, claiming it for Christ. Then the young church planter is asked where he would like to be buried. In some cases they dig the grave in advance. Then he goes off into that town to work without ceasing until they ALL come to Christ - or they kill him. No furloughs, no phone calls home, no email, no luxuries of any kind. Just perfect and complete faith in God and gigantic piles of treasure being stored up in Heaven - exactly the kind of treasure we SHOULD be lusting after! Many are beaten, some are killed. They now have nearly 15,000 missionaries on the field on a budget of $30 Million, versus less than 5,000 missionaries on the field with the Southern Baptist Convention with a budget of around $400 Million. In just ONE province in India in October (2004), GFA baptized over 24,000 souls - and stayed in town and discipled them. There are billions still unreached with the Gospel and thousands waiting to go to Bible college if they can get funding help.

The Dalit people, one of the "untouchable" castes of Hinduism in India, nearly 300 MILLION people have decided that their only chance to escape a constant fate of horrifying discrimination and repression is to give up Hinduism. The greatest single opportunity ever offered the church stands ahead of us. The Dalits may decide for Christianity and then we'll need to funnel millions of dollars in there to evangelize and disciple them. Imagine it, 300 MILLION souls in the receiving line in Heaven to hug you for playing a part in bringing them to Christ!!

I'm not called to go to the field. I'm called to stay and use everything I have to advantage to support those on the field.

I want to see who is building the largest pile of Heavenly reward and then I want to buy stock in them. I want to be a part of whatever they're doing and help any way I can. (Read more on this)

We're told there are two options; make LOTS of money and be controlled by it and the houses and cars and trucks. OR make a tiny bit of money and learn to live simply. But there IS another choice - make LOTS of money AND live simply and then invest the excess in the Kingdom.

But if you really want to try and understand all this and if you want to see what difference Jesus can make in your life, get in touch with us at fotm@fellowshipofthemartyrs.com .  We don't take money.  We don't need it and we don't want it.  We want you to find happiness and to be plugged into the New Song.  All the searching you've done hasn't found you what you're looking for because it's all based on a lie - even Big Church.  But don't give up, the New Song is coming.

We love you.  For real.  Not for fake.


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