Dec 1, 2023
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About once a month we stop what we're doing and make ourselves available for anyone that wants to come. There is NO CHARGE.

Usually it means:
Friday night dinner, then fellowship and prayer,
Saturday help out, tour, then evening dinner and prayer,
Sunday fellowship, personal time, then dinner and prayer.

Folks can come for some or all. Please RSVP.

January - No Conference
February 16-18
March 22-24
April 26-28
May 17-19
June 14-16
July 5-7
August 16-18
September 20-22
October 18-20
November 28-1 (Thanksgiving - Th-Sun)
December - No Conference

Please RSVP to fotm@fellowshipofthemartyrs.com

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We have over 2000 videos on YouTube going back to 2007. As we add new videos, it's a big hassle to constantly be updating the website.

So what we did was put them into Playlists by category and link them here. So anytime we add something to a playlist on YouTube, this will be updated. (If you can't find us on YouTube, something bad happened. Find us on Rumble at www.Rumble.com/FOTM1 )

In the UPPER RIGHT CORNER of each of these video players is a menu link to all the other videos in the playlist. Please remember that you can use that to find and view all the other videos on the related topic. If that doesn't work, go to www.YouTube.com/fotm1 and use the search function there to find what you're looking for.

Best of FOTM               Click UPPER RIGHT CORNER for more (35 videos)


Radical Preaching

What's Wrong With ...

About the Church and what it SHOULD be

Revival in Kansas City - Then and Now

Revival Resources

Mike Bickle / IHOP - What's Wrong

The Cup Model

Baptism of Fire


End Times Stuff

Book Reviews and Recommendations

FOTM Responses

About Money

LoveStreams w/Doug & Cindy (mostly)

Shorts - less then 1 minute



Prison Ministry

World of Warcraft

Liberty Disaster Relief

The Liberty Farm

Farm Ideas

Thrift Store / Storehouse

Water Baptisms

Community and City Church

Persecution of Christians



Extreme Spiritual Warfare

Reaction Videos

Doug's Big Trip around the USA

Doug's Trip to the Middle East

For Broken, Limping, Lonely Little Sheep

Cool Liberty Music

Cool Other Music


Funny Stuff

Todd Bentley - Lakeland, Florida

German Translations


The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy

The Red Dragon: the horrifying truth about why the "church" cannot seem to change

Do It Yourself City Church Restoration

Who NEUTERED the Holy Spirit?!

Rain Right NOW, Lord!

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