Why the Apology to the World?

by Doug Perry, www.FellowshipOfTheMartyrs.com

Well, first off, I wrote it because I really mean it. I am seriously sorry for what I did to contribute to this mess and I’m determined to do whatever I can to fix it.  So ... the more help I can get, the faster we can turn this thing around. So if it happens that lots of other folks get a little courage and see that this needs saying, maybe they'll say it, too.  I've repented to God already for it and He's forgiven me, but that doesn't mean I don't have to humbly ask forgiveness from everybody else. 

I believe this is the "elephant in the room" that everybody knows is there but doesn’t want to acknowledge. The World despises Christians - and Christians know that they’re despised. It’s just that the Christians aren’t admitting the real problem. A lot of them get that there IS a problem, but they don’t know how to say it loud enough to get some momentum.

Truth is always the right answer. Truth is getting scarce lately. When folks hear it, it’s so unusual that they perk up and see if it was an accident or a scam or a publicity stunt -- but inside they hope they get more chances to hear it. People are desperate for someone that will not make excuses and will not back down. We’ve had about all the self-serving "spin" we can take.

I think this is the giant lie that blocks us as a Body from being obedient to God.  Thou shalt not lie. Remember that one?  It’s unlikely that He’s going to pour out His power on a Church that is doing some good stuff, but also holding to one Great Lie - that is, "Look at us, we’re Holy!" -- when we’re not and everybody knows it.  If we’re going to see revival or repentance or restoration or whatever is coming, it’s not going to come until the Lie gets crushed and then washed out of the way.

Now, I want more than anything for us to be able to say, "Look at us, we’re Holy." Please don’t misunderstand. But when we do, it will be in gratitude and humility and worship for having God’s help and provision to help us get there. And appreciation for Him giving us time to do it, instead of wiping us off the map like we deserve.

I’m going to try to point the way to Jesus all the time. The things He cared about are the very same things that today’s liberal people seem to have a heart for - but that the church is ignoring. I'm not sure when we gave us this "high ground," but I'm sick and tired of it.  It was Jesus that STARTED most of these things!  Some of them were not even present on the planet before Jesus spoke of them! 

Jesus came preaching peace with our enemies. He had a HUGE heart for children, especially those suffering. He cared about human justice and treatment of workers and equal protection. He empowered women in a male dominated culture. He cared about the environment. He spent time with people in "recovery" and addictive behavior - even criminals.  He understood the needs of the handicapped. He ate organic foods (well, OK, they pretty much all did). He recycled and didn’t waste resources. He only used ecologically sound transportation methods. He spoke harshly of anyone abusing or mistreating another person - particularly those in most need. He talked over and over about money and the important of helping the poor and the need for the rich to assume a greater role in that.  (Read more on the "Was Jesus a Liberal" page.)

Anyway, the Apostle Paul spoke this, "First to those in Damascus, then to those in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and to the Gentiles also, I preached that they should repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds." (Acts 26:20)  I had God in me before, but this is the time for me to repent, to take my focus off of Man and turn to God in full and to prove my repentance by my deeds.  First, I personally have to change, then maybe other folks will get the hint. 

But I'm not saying I'm perfect or anything.  I'm going to stumble and I might screw this up.  War against darkness means risk, especially the more attention you get.  But whatever this becomes, I'm not taking credit for any of it.  Pride is what got us into this mess!  Shoot, I hardly see how I can take credit anyway, none of this was even my idea!  I'm just doing as I'm told.

So that's the plan.