But I'm All Alone!

This is posted because the words of the people CRY OUT for justice. Far beyond what I could write, this condemns the churches and their leadership. There are HUNDREDS like this pouring in. You are NOT alone! Hang in there. A New Song is about to start.  Praise God!! It won't be long now.  Please lift up this Brother and the MILLIONS like him.

(From George)

Blessings Brother Doug,
You've hit the nail upon the head once again.

But as usual like most Christians do, we overlook those basic THINGS of Christian life, those EARTHLY and HEAVENLY THINGS of the natural and supernatural realms.

Yep, those same things that our Lord Jesus Christ would have loved to explain to Nico, but He didn't, because Nico had enough trouble trying to understand the EARTHLY THINGS.

So, what is the main reason why the church is what it is today?

It's because, most Christians wouldn't have any idea or understanding of those THINGS of EARTHLY and HEAVENLY THINGS that our Lord Jesus Christ has been trying to explain to ALL Christians since DAY 1.

They all talk about authority, and I've heard many stories about the expulsion of demons from other people, but only told by a few Christians. And guess what those other people are?  Christians!

There is so much going on in the supernatural realm that most only look at the natural realm of EARTHLY and HEAVENLY THINGS.  Allen, the last article on page 3 of your newsletter, also hit the nail on the head when he said, "While I do agree with some of the assessment you've made; I think the ills affecting the church run much deeper."

Praise Lord, so how deep is it?  And how deep are we going to go Doug?

Christians don't take any notice of Scriptures.  In Matthew 12:43-45, it spells it out in a very definite way and it's exactly what the problem is within the church.  There are more demons in the HOUSE, and not enough of  the LORD.

Doug, I've spent so much time looking into peoples eyes, right down into their souls, and all I see is DEMONS.  No I'm not a demon chaser.  But, I can tell you one thing that 80% of the HOUSEs in the Body Of Christ, are filled with the wrong spirit.  Yep, their "house is empty", and not filled with the fruit of the Spirit, or our Lord Jesus Christ.  The church has become more God-centred, than CHRIST-centred.

There is so much new age content in the church these days, that it's beginning to become a pyramid selling church.  When the spirit of mammon comes into a church, so does Jezebel and Ahab.

Until, the Church begins to cleanse the HOUSES of their churches, then their TEMPLES will always be "empty, swept, and put in order".  Bless these little vegemites who have given themselves to our Lord Jesus Christ, but sadly, are they really SAVED?

How can we expect a SAVED person, who still suffers with all the inhibitions and attitude problems of their past life of animism and paganism that they are FREE and are CLEANSED by the BLOOD of  our Lord Jesus Christ.  Yep, they may be convinced that they are SAVED, but they are not FREE.

How can we expect a SAVED person, whose wife tells her husband about the wonderful time she had a lady's fellowship and was touched with the LORD, and then within a few hours of her wonderful testimony, she begins to berate, badger, criticise, abuse, rant irrationally without any thought of love or respect for her husband, or any conviction after the outburst.  And then goes into a cone of silence for the new few days, without any point of recovery, such as confession, repentant and forgiveness.

We do not fight in FLESH AND BLOOD,  but against PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS.  So, that's what's in the church, PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS.  So all this irrationality, that is common within most churchs and christian marriages is caused by the lack of FEEDING THE SHEEP, lack of CLEANSING THE HOUSE, the lack of FREEDOM, and the LACK of DELIVERANCE.

How can you expect a SAVED person who has a BROKEN HEART be HEALED, set FREE and DELIVERED, if those practices of our Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples are not practices within the Church?

There are many Christians bound by a STRONGMAN in many THINGS within the Body Of Christ.  Until those "empty houses" are filled with the right stuff, HIS WORD; and until those "swept house" are swept clean of those "unclean spirits", that is "cast out"; and until those "put in order houses" are kept filled and cleansed, then the Church will never change.

It's time that the Church began to do the THINGS that our Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples did.  All what He taught the disciples were past down to all that followed them.  Then Doug, when we begin to do that, then the Church will change.

Keep up you great work and I enjoyed your articles.

Love In our Lord Jesus CHrist



(From Doug)

Hey George,

Bless you, Brother.  Stay tuned, lots more is coming. I'm with you 100% on all that stuff.  I don't trust ANY of them.  The burden of proof has shifted. Now it's THEIR job to prove they have a right to lead. It's THEIR job to prove they're being obedient and true and good, trustworthy stewards.  I think there's 1% that gets it right.  Maybe.  If we're lucky.  How I ache to find them and see what we could do if we all get on the same page!!!  God showed me the giant black stain of sinfulness and disobedience spreading from this country. I felt it. For an instant, I saw it through Jesus' eyes. Just enough to change me forever.  Believe me, I know how black it is.

>And how deep are we going to go Doug?

All the way in, George. To the very guts of the Beast.  We're going to rip and tear our way in and cut out it's heart.  We're going to beat it back with a big stick with nails in it.  We're going to swing the two-edged sword in big wide circles and pierce everyone we can.  We're going to put on the full armor of God and march in fearlessly.  We're going to rally the forces of all the others "aborted" by the churches and turn the tide by ourselves. We're going to swing for the fences on every pitch.  They have no idea what they're up against.  Judgement is coming.  God has raised up the Elijah's and they're just about ready to speak.

Till they kill me or Christ comes. No surrender. Praise God!!

Wanna help?



(From George)

You are a man of my own heart, I've been belting at the doors of darkness of the churches to pull their strongholds down, and wanna see my scars?

I've tried my heart out to speak out, but to no avail.  Only last week I had an hour with our associate pastor to speak about the out of church Christians, and he agreed with me that they were there.  I then said, "What are you going to do about them?"  He then said to me, "What do you suggest?"  I said to put an advertisement in the paper.  He just looked at me, and I then said, "If you do that you will most probably fill your church, but you would have to FEED THEM, by teaching the WORD!"

Well he didn't like what I said, but I felt he agreed, because the next word he said was about his wages, etc, etc.  He agreed, but he can't speak out, because of his wages.

I've always believed that ALL churches should run cleansing courses and set those new born-again Christians free from their bondage.  As soon as you speak deliverance, it becomes a dirty word.  It's no dirtier than those who berate and badger those poor unfortunates who don't really understand the OT & Old Covenant, and the NT & New Covenant.

I also spoke to the associate pastor on the tithing teaching that the primary pastor intimidates and condemns us with.  He said that he has PAID his tighe his whole christian life.  I said I don't pay, I give!  Again, I was talking to a brick wall.

Anyway Doug, I'm the only one here that speaks out and thinks the same as you.  And all I want to do is to set the captives free, heal the broken hearted, and deliver them from evil.

I had a prophesy sent to me the other day from a friend, and it said that the enemy is going to attack me all out, and is going to try to destroy me.  Well today it came as I drove to church with my wife.  We never made church, my wife attacked me with such gusto, you would think that she would realise that she was is a launching pad for Satan.  Sadly, there is no HS in my darling wife, and she has no idea that she is deceived and controlled by the principality and power over our church and were we live.

As I said we don't fight against flesh and blood.  But, my wife can't see it and nor can the other ladies of the church who attack their husbands.

But our Lord Jesus CHrist is with me, and I will keep going, even when the enemy hits me with those terrible thoughts of suicide.  Not for me mate, because I am a fighter and will continue to fight until I am dead, and with our Lord Jesus Christ.  I spent over 21 years in the Army, and I learnt a lot about the enemy then, and the tactics of military warfare is no different to the tactics of spiritual warfare.  The enemy is the same.




(From Doug)


Dear sweet batterered Brother. Dear child of God. You're not alone. The rallying cry, the trumpet call of Gideon is about to sound. The 1% will start marching soon and a New Song is about to begin.  Old Church won't be able to stand against the fire of the Holy Spirit that's coming.

I'm praying for you, Brother, and for your wife.  I'll get more praying for you.  (Ed.- That means YOU! NOW!)  You're not alone.  You're never alone.

I see the wickedness. I see the souls trapped in the Sickness that we have become. I see the damage being done. God's hand is about to reach out. Justice is coming. 

Don't argue with the leadership anymore. They are too entrenched and have too much at stake. They ARE NOT on our side!  You should know better than to try to convert a Colonel of the opposing army. Pick off the Privates and Seargents until you have a fighting force. Right near you there are others almost where you are.  Find them. Push them over the edge.  Refer them to this website.  And www.ChristianUnplugged.com and http://www.newswithviews.com/PaulProctor/proctorA.htm. 

Suicide? What kind of soldier are you? Can you be counted on for solo missions?  Or just when you go out as one of a platoon or division?  There is always backup available. You're not alone.  Now MARCH!

Pray hard. Stay pure. Fight the good fight. To your wife be as you are commanded to be. Fill yourself with the Word. She'll see the difference and you'll be blameless.

Below is an email from a Sister with a different method and outlook. Maybe it can be yours if you're trapped in that place.

Hang in there.  Help is on the way.  Praise God!! The Word is coming!!



(A previous recent email from Donna. Dear sweet, Donna! Praise God there are such as you and I get to be near you! I'm gonna hug you SOOOOO hard in Heaven!)


I appreciate the information you are sharing, but I would appreciate your being exact as to the sources when you are quoting numbers....I belive others will listen more closely if the exact sources are given....if they were and I missed this, I'm sorry....maybe I just used to academic papers that site the source with the numbers and events.

My husband and I were both raised Christians in denominations, but for 29 years we were taught by the Holy Spirit....we visited churches from time to time, but could not stomach what we saw and felt.  But, through it all, God wanted us to see what was going on, and to trust Him and to remain faithful to Him and to grow from what He was teaching us and the experiences that we had.  My husband went to be with Jesus in June, and I was there, and Jesus did come for my husband.  I was also spoken to at the time, and often after that, which was something I needed very much, because God had always taught us to be as one, and we were....and, we were warriors together for God for 29 years, and we were taught to rely on that strength that comes from two being together with like minds.  A few weeks after my husband was taken home, God told me that He was my husband (Is. 54)....and, as I thought on that the Holy Sprit helped me to understand that God was my protector and provider and a whole lot more....that anyone coming at me had to go through God first.  So, I was not left vulnerable.

My husband died on a Sunday, which was the most special day to us, and by the next Sunday, the Holy Spirit was directing me to attend church services at as many different churches as I could attend.  He wanted me to see how God was working in different denominations and non-denominations....as well as observe the problems.  I continue to do this, and one reason I am there is to pray for those churches....to war against people and things of satan that may be there (prayer)....as well as to bless those who do have a heart for God.  Also, I have been sent to crusades and certain conferences as a warrior.  I walk with God, I listen to the Holy Spirit, and I obey....and there is no fear because who can fear with the kind of protection that I have?

I tell you these things because there is not a black and white answer about churches......there are seasons.  I do know that I would not have missed the so-called "wilderness" for anything.  Nothing can take the place of teaching by the Holy Spirit.  We were told 29 years ago about having a pure heart....and, my husband and I said to the Holy Spirit that we had that....we loved God and served Him.  We were told....not yet, but you will.    Only now can I see and appreciate what it took to get us to having a pure heart....and, I'm still trusting Jesus to make me more like Him.  When we have a pure heart, we see more and more....more of the angelic....and more of the demonic.  I have heard pastors say they wished they could see angels....etc.....I never had that goal, but it come with a deeper walk with God and our Lord Jesus, and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

So, reading through your site, a lot of these things were brought to mind.

I appreciate foreign missions....the need for them....and, I have met many sincere missionaries.  But....my husband and I also had concerns, and many of the issue you and others raise at your site, we have contemplated as well.

One thing that I do not think is fair is to compare apples to oranges....poor in American to poor elsewhere.....because, haviang more money can still make someone equally poor here....it is relevant to our culture.  Also, spiritual bondages are great everywhere.....and, we have not adequately evangelized American.  For example....have you ever gone into county prisons in America?  The prison population is mostly young Americans....and, most of them have never held a Bible in their hand or heard anything from the Bible....they do not know who Jesus is. But, it seems that most Americans appease there minds by giving to churches and turning away and not going to the American poor to walk with them out of their poverty of body, mind, and spirit.  I think many walk away from churches that do nothing in their communities and boast of what they do in other countries.  Churches in this country are often the last place a person that was in need of help would go....they know they would get turned away.

There is plenty that people in the wilderness can be doing....I know that Jesus sent me into counseling jobs that took me to the most needy....places where there may have been even only one person whose heart he wanted to touch through words that came out of my mouth....and my actions.  I worked at one inpatient drug and alcohol program....and, everytime I put my hands on the door to go in to work, the Holy Spirit came on me heavily and stayed there until I left my job at the end of the shift.  I remember one man there in a group session that the Holy Spirit directed me to have....on "spirituality"....just from a few words at the right time....the man broke the cycle of addiction and anger and hatred....much of it started with his family and the church and false teaching in his church......when I affirmed to him that it was okay to question his church and his family.....and, okay for him to trust Jesus to lead him into a relationship that he would know was for him.....I saw Jesus.  That had been his 14th time in treatment.  He never needed it again.  When he left treatment he would return to drive others to Christian programs.  For 29 years my husband and I worked with people in the wilderness....as God directed.  I still obey. 

So, please, do not ignore the vast American missions fields.  Since Americans do give the most money to missions, since we have more money, we cannot help but have more to advance the Kingdom of God if we bring more to Jesus here.....and, then, disciple them, and teach them to be discerning about how each dollar they give is spent.

You made excellent points here about sin in all of us....being perpetuated by the numbers of people with sin in their lives running the churches.....that has always been a concern of mine.  You are correct that it is the relationship of the individuals and families with God that is what Jesus taught....churches are fine to the extent that they do not interfere with this, and encourage and support this....not their agenda.   God bless you and your ministry. Thank you for presenting what you do. 

As I visit churches I have many of the same thoughts....the only saving grace is knowing that I am there because Jesus wants me there....I belong to Jesus and I work for Jesus....there is a line drawn and I will not cross it, nor let anyone in those churches distract me from who I am and why I am there....or, how I am living my life, and walking my life with Jesus, God the father, and the Holy Spirit.  I would not trade what I have for anything!  I suspect that many of those in the so-called wilderness feel this same way.

One of the churches I attend likes to use the term "lone ranger"....especially those writing and speaking from the Vineyard persuasion use this!  I just smile and think of the lone-rangers in the Bible.....Elijah....and, many others....the groupies were clueless as to where Elijah came from.....his power and training was not theirs!

I pray we have more pastors wake up and create the right kinds of churches....to nurture and help believers as the grow in their walk with God.

But, no matter how good churches should get....God will always have those whom he calls apart to teach and to be trusted and obedient servants for Him....at a moments notice....when He needs them.  Can you imagine God needing something done and having to run it through a church and all the hierarchey in the church before a decision can be made to do it or not to do it....or is it God or is it not God....and why would God come to that person and not another.....can you imagine that?????  I sometimes joke and call this God's CIA....  But, maybe that is what God is doing now more than ever....calling real Christians apart, to teach them to better listen to Him and obey Him, no matter what the personal cost.  God looks at the hearts!


(Cool, ain't it?!)

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