Fellowship of the Martyrs - Battle Plan

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Acknowledge your complete needfulness for God and inability to reach Heaven and escape the consequences of sin on your own power. Repent of every sin. Acknowledge Jesus as the risen Son of God and beg Him to wipe you clean. Commit to Him that He will be Lord and Master and that He alone will direct you. Without any reservation or evasion, you must mean that you intend to seek Him and do as He leads - even if it means discomfort, abuse, sacrifice, change, suffering, separation or even death. Ask for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in as great a measure as He is willing to give you. Don’t seek gifts for the sake of gifts, seek God - and He’ll decide on the gifts for you. Be willing to chase holiness - to strive and urge forward for it everyday. Go and sin no more.

If you mean that Christ is Lord, then you must mean that His Word is the final authority. Spend most of your time in praise and worship of God because He is holy. This is the most pure expression of our love - for this we were made. Seek out anybody else that is absolutely committed to doing as God directs and is willing to speak only Truth, even if it's hard. Spend time together praising God and seeking His face. Each of you be prepared to minister. Don't rely on a paid staff person to do it.

The ultimate source of Truth is God's Word. Learn to love it, take it everywhere, read it and ask the Holy Spirit to explain and teach you what you need. Practice speaking pure Truth with no hint of Man inserted. Test everything against the Word of God.

Hold onto the good, run from evil. Learn to have no love for any created thing that exceeds your love for the Creator. Work hard. Whatever you do, do it as if you are doing it for God. Pray that God will help you have as large a positive impact as possible. More than anything else, God want's to first restore His people and convert all the altars back to the worship of God. Pray for the churches.

Take big arm loads of Truth and begin feeding the hungry. Go out as missionaries to speak into the hearts of the people where God leads you. Always speak in love and humility, pointing the way to Christ alone. Remember, you are trying to save eternal souls - never focus even for a moment on the immediate, always on the eternal.

Find those who can also commit themselves fully to Christ and involve them in your Fellowship. Praise God always for His use of you to save others. As your act of obedience, divert all available resources and assets only to those individuals and organizations most efficiently converting earthly treasure into heavenly treasure - that is, feeding the hungry, reaching the lost, caring for widows and orphans, supporting the Brethren in the hard places, equipping missionaries to push back the darkness - the same priorities that Christ has. Anyone that shows a "love of money" should be instantly suspect of being ensnared by the enemy and should be prayed for desperately - that is the root of much evil. God has already prepared many who are no longer susceptible to attack from that direction - find them and give them what they need.

Seek out other Fellowships and submit to each other in love. Seek to support the members of your own Fellowship as they go to serve or split off to start more Fellowships. Seek unity through harmony. Don't get distracted for a single moment by secondary issues or debates. We don't want everybody singing the melody, we want everyone in harmony and singing the part written for them by God. We need all the pieces. None can be wasted. But be willing to rebuke as God directs, and forgive if they repent. Expect wolves and spies and infiltrators. Expect the enemy to be sneaky. This is war.

As you stay inside of Truth, get to know the will of God and use all your gifts and talents within His will, amazing things are likely to happen. Expect miracles. Beg to be filled with the empowering of the Holy Spirit and use what gifts He’s given you. Stay filled by a constant focus on holiness and purity and praise. Then pray that God will enlarge you so you can hold more. Pray for the greater gifts - those that can do the most damage to the enemy.

Obey God only. Time is short - so don't waste any. Go in love - and never give in.


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