How I Long For You

a poem from Jesus to His Bride
(from Doug Perry)
Also made into a really cool song by John Day - download MP3 here
(original text)

How I long for you. How I desire you
I have seen you from the beginning of creation
and I have longed for you.
There's none like you.
I long for you. You're my only one

My father designed you for me.
I gave up my flesh for you.
I was beaten and battered and bruised.
I'm continually ridiculed and scorned
Spit on and mocked, shredded and torn,
My blood lay all around.

You are my Bride,
So spotless and white.
Perfect in form and beauty, 
whole and complete.
Molded to fit me ... so perfectly.
Oh, how I long for you. 

I've seen you as you will be. 
And yet I can't you have you with me. 
You are married to the world. 
You're connected to the wrong one.
Bonded to all that is not of me.
One flesh with that which I despise. 

I've called you out, I've called you by name.
Dear Heart, why won't you come again?
What ties you to the world?
How long must I wait?
How I long for you. 

My tears flow all around,
My joy is gone without you.
I find no friendship, no solace,
no comfort and no peace.
Without you I am incomplete,
Oh, so empty.
How I long for you. 

Where are you my Bride?
Where are you my Love?
Where are you, Dear Heart?
I die daily without you. 
I want you, I ache for you.
How I long for you. 

I am crucified daily,that you might go free. 
I am shredded and torn, until your chains fall free.
I'm in agony, in agony ...
until the world is left behind.
Please, Dear Heart, Please leave all and come. 

Please Father, please say it's time. 
Have I waited long enough?
Please say it's time. 

How I long for you. 

Please come back to me, I'm waiting for you. 

I'm waiting for you. 

How I long for you. 



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