Messages We've Received From Angry Ministers

Brothers and Sisters in leadership who are disgusted with US.
Nope.  Nothing.
But, don't worry.  There will be some eventually.  This site has only even been up since 11/20!
Give it some time.  They're out there stewing.  Surely one of them will step up and let loose on us.  Show us where we didn't speak Truth?  Show us where in the scripture we missed the point? 
PLEASE NOTE!:  If you're a Minister of the Gospel and you send us a hateful, angry or threatening note, it's going up on this page - name, address, email, phone and all - about ONE second after you hit SEND.  Then it's going to be in the newsletter, mailed back to every email on your church website and anywhere else we can think of. You're not fit to lead if you can't model Christ - and we're going to tell the world about you.  You've had fair warning.  Bring it on.
If you're a Minister of the Gospel and you send a reasoned, calm, scripturally-founded dispute or rebuke, we're all ears and it's between us (unless you give us permission to post it).
Brothers, I love you.  I grew up a missionary kid, my Dad is a pastor.  I understand you. Many of you are trying very hard, you're doing as you were trained. But God isn't in it if you're relying on Man or on your own strength or pride. Jesus never hired a consultant to spin his message.

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