Messages We've Received From Non-U.S.A. Christians

If you're a minister, pastor, prophet, apostle, bishop, deacon, elder, teacher, pope or otherwise responsible for the care of a flock of any size -
The beautiful, Christ-like souls elsewhere have figured out what a mess we've made and soon they'll be sending missionaries HERE!


Doug , 

GOD BLESS YOU MAN OF GOD .....I read your article called the bottom line and i would love to agree with you on so many things that you wrote know what ????? I live in Africa Zimbabwe and am earthly poor BUT HEAVENLY RICH ......this year i had the most astounding fact to prove what you wrote is true ......for the past 4 years or so i have been communicating with some 2 sisters from INDIANA USA that's your country which we Africans see as filthy rich .....the object of the communication of course was not material BUT spiritual and we have bonded so nicely and GOD has really blessed us spiritually ...HOWEVER these sisters because they LOVE GOD so much and work for HIM the devil is not amused and like the JOB issue OUR LORD has allowed all that is happening to them right now for indeed SPIRITUALLY THEY ARE GROWING AND EXPERIENCING THE PRESENCE OF GOD EVERYDAY without electriciy ,with no phones , with no car insurance ,with the bank threatening to take their house in January ......i have never seen snow myself but i have seen it on tv so i am imagining right now what condition they are living under in such cold weather like yours coupled with these issues i felt so sorry for them and decided to write to prayer groups that i know of and all of these prayer groups are in your country USA BUT nobody whatsoever has helped them instead people think they are con artists and i do not understand all this ...where is money going to take us to ??? I have no money in my pocket here BUT tell you what just knowing that JESUS IS STILL ON THE THRONE HAS MADE ME RICHER AND here fortunately there is no snow so i am blessed BUT what about those sisters in your neighbourhood who are sick and wanting????? YOur article has indeed awakened the question and issue that i have been debating myslef for the past 8 months now ...........GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR ARTICLE which is so much filled with TRUTH AND TRUTH IS JESUS AND JESUS IS LOVE ,now talk of THANKSGIVING IN YOUR COUNTRY AND OH HOW IT AMAZES ME WHEN SO MANY PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY DYING OF HUNGER ......I PRAY TO BE RICH AND NOT ONLY RICH BUT FILTHY RICH ONE DAY IN JESUS NAME !!!!!! .


Princess Milly .
Daughter of the King Of kings 

(Dear Sweet Sister!  Blessings on you from the Land of Disobedience and Stupidity. Redeem us, O Lord!)


Dear Brother,

What can I say but "Thankyou!!" for your powerful message.  

      I belonged to a very powerful and rich church (but incredibly  legalistic)  in New Zealand back in the 60's.   I could never equate, with what I was hearing and being shown by the lives of those around me, the message of God's Word.  I decided to leave for a while until I could find the answers to the questions they wouldn't or couldn'y give me.   As a result I lost everything,  my husband, my children, my home, my family..........and even my country because the pain of living there was too great.   I now live in Australia. 

     For 23 years I wandered in my own wilderness unable to see that I was loved by God, unable to see that He wanted to and had forgiven me, because all I could see was a vengeful god with a big stick and me with lots of stuff that needed forgiving and nowhere to go!   'They' had to be right and me wrong!   Anyway, I found my God again in 1993, and I found the blood, the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and for 3 years there was just me, my Bible, and Him - the most bitter-sweet years of my life, where He gathered me as a hen would gather her chicken!   I eventually was given the courage, and joined a wonderful Church in a little country town. Even though the pastors are on fire for God I am beginning to see much of the traditions of men that had kept the church apart, and Christians calling themselves ' a this' or 'that' rather than a Christian - the 'them' and 'us' mentality.   I read in the Word where we are told time and time again to be unified and not to get into disputes over doctrine but to look to Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. 

      I also have seen these "glossy" preachers come and go, stacking up their tapes and books and other stuff for us to buy.   We are turning God's house into a place of business and trading, Christianity being a commodity.   A half hour sermon is the product, the business to be done afterwards....this is just how I see it.   But I also see the tremendous cost of all this, and the cost of all these 'seminars'.....most of which, struggling individuals and families simply cannot afford!   So then they feel left out, fringe-dwellers, perhaps becoming bitter that God doesn't love them as much as he loves and blesses these others, and possibly even leave the church because of this!   How sad!   This is not the way Jesus lived here!   He went through the Temple like a hurricane, cleaning out these parasites.   I pray He will do the same again!

     About 2 months ago I came across the GFA website and I ordered the book of Yohannan's.   I was so thrilled with it I have now lent it to a Pastor's wife, a friend, to read hoping it will give her the same new insight that it gave me. (Ed.-You know, it's FREE.  They'll send you another one! They'll send a whole box if you promise to get people to read them!)   What a wonderful work they are doing!  I will be supporting them in prayer and if and when I have a little money I can send them, I will, as I am a pensioner and have very limited resourses.   You have confirmed to me that this is a work worth supporting.   I am now involved as a missionary responder, via the internet, through the wonderful work of Voice International (Christian Vision), the Christian shortwave broadcasters who send the Gospel message throughout the 10/40 window in Asia and beyond.   I cannot describe to you the joy of leading a young man in India, or Nigeria, or Pakistan to the Lord and then having the joy of discipling them!    No money can buy this!   This is what I call a heaven-sent treasure, a gift of great value, and here I believe is the treasure and blessing that God wants for us!  Oh, the unspeakable joy of seeing one sinner saved!   There is nothing worth hanging on to in our lives, if the opportunity to reach out to the unsaved with the Gospel is taken.   A million dollar chandellier will not bring anyone any peace or joy - or salvation.   And THAT is what our mission is! take the gospel into all the world.   Have you read "The Heavenly Man" by Brother Yun, and seen what the Church in China is doing?!.....they make me ashamed for our fat Western churches who are so busy looking after No.1 they have forgotten about that lost and hurting world out there.   My friend is the Australian director of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, and he sends me CSW's prayer requests, and information about the dreadful things that are going on in places like Burma, Indonesia, China, Columbia, Pakistan, Vietnam...etc, the numbers of Christians who don't have lush carpets and crystal chandelliers, but rat-infested cells, nails ripped out, beaten unconscious, starved, cattle prods used in painful places, killed for Jesus....I can't even begin to tell you the stuff that goes on.   Children walking along booby-trapped paths, their little legs blown off...women raped and tortured. And so on.   All for their Christian wittness............mmmmm.

God is doing a shaking, He is sifting His Church, and I sense His anger, and He will not remain silent for much longer!!!!!

     Thankyou for listening to me.   Thankyou for making a stand.   Thankyou for being yielded to hear what God is saying to the Churches today!   Please do not, under any circumstances give ground.   God will stand with you, if you are in His will.   He will never leave you nor forsake you.  BUT......."The Lord is with you while you are with Him.   If you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you." (2 Chron.15:2)

     You are a voice crying in a great wilderness.  Louder, please!   Bless you!


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