So, God's Telling You To Help Us, Eh?

First thing you need to know is that we are DEADLY serious here.  God's given me a glimpse of what's coming and it's scary bad.  We have to compress a LOT of repentance and revival into not very much time.  So we expect you to be a grown up (put away childish things), stick to your commitments (let your Yes be Yes), and work as though you're working for God (which you are).  No messing around and no second chances.  Gideon's army of the 1% is about to start blowing their trumpets. (Judges 7)

I need you to know that what we are building here is the Fellowship of the Martyrs.  You have to be willing to let the "old" man die and take on the "new" life in Christ.  Hopefully you've already done that.  The next step is to take the Bible seriously and pick up your Cross and march toward Calvary - even if it costs you your life.  Currently we're not seeing Christians persecuted in this country, but that's just cause we're mostly not acting like Christ.  Take just 1% of the population and convince them to drop out of the economy and live simply and give extravagantly to the poor and you have what some will see as a potential danger to National Security.  I promised God that if he would make me #1 on satan's list of most dangerous Christians, I would be obedient and take on anything and anybody.  Frankly, I don't have much hope of making it long once it all starts to heat up.  Praise God!! 

When Gideon sorted the 32,000 down to 10,000 and then down to 300, I don't think there were any hard feelings against the ones that went home. They were all rooting for the 300. They were praying hard.  But if they had fear or they weren't ready and watchful, they were sent home.  Not everyone can do this. That's fine. Just decide now. There's no turning back once you promise God you're going to take this path.  I'm never going to say a bad word to or about you either way.  It's not my decision.  It wasn't Gideon's decision.

If you take on the BIGGEST IDOL OF ALL in this culture - Money - and all of the entrenched leaders and structures that worship it including those in the churches, there are going to be some REALLY angry people.  Not in the beginning, but as soon as you get some momentum they'll start targeting you for all kinds of nastiness. 

Fear of Man has never been one of my problems.  I only fear Him that controls the eternal - and He's already promised to watch out for me.

We're talking about the greatest rollercoaster ride of your life.  Absolute surrender to the Holy Spirit and miraculous confirmation of His Lordship every single day!  A closeness to God you've never felt before and the knowledge that you're making a difference to the eternal destinies of MILLIONS.

This is NOT a pep talk.  If anything, I want to talk you out of it.  This is real risk.  Life and death stuff.  Please pray hard.  You need to be willing to turn over 100% to God.  If you can't, there's still room for you to pray and encourage us and help us find the rest of the 300 (1%).  I love you either way, but don't start marching if you're going to turn and run when the battle starts.  We don't have time to drag along those that aren't already watchful and ready.


If you're still here, we have IMMEDIATE need for these things:

24/7 Prayer Partners

One elder to set up the schedule and coordinate. At least two at all times in each 30 minute time slot.  Somebody, somewhere needs to be praying we don't crash and burn and that we can see the enemy coming. To pray for the leadership and families of this crazy thing.
LOTS of Prayer Partners to fill the schedule. The more the better. Mighty Warriors welcome!
Web Team

One webpage maintenance expert to make changes, and consider speed, server and security issues.  Needs to be high level experience, but won't require much time.  Need to consider maximum capacities of current servers and possibilities of mirror or round robin server setups.
Need hosting source for web casts. Probably some company's WebEx or similar account that we can piggyback on without being noticed too much until it gets big.
Will soon have a need for one or more truly dependable, Spirit-filled person(s) to sort and answer emails as volume rises.
Discussion Board Team

Need a free discussion board that is stable and powerful and allows for password protected side with good encryption.  Might be donated or monthly fees paid.  Preferrably hosting on a server other than ours for security and redundancy.  Preferrably a Christian company that will take the heat if necessary and has planned for it.
Several admins and moderators to control and encourage.  Will need departments/boards for Wilderness Christians, Mission Organization Needs, Spiritual Gifts Theology, Business Connections and Advice, Strategies and Ideas and a password protected side for high level discussions.  And others as need arises.
Marketing and Promotion

Public relations experts that can get articles and news stories out about the impact of the site and response to it.  Careful crafting of the message regarding the site and other media projects that are coming.
LOTS of people that can donate time seeking placement of links to the site, full articles, and other logos and materials.  Need mentions on usenet, discussion boards, other sites, - especially secular sources that will like the critical message and may help urge the church to change.

Need teachers that can disciple and mentor those coming in from the cold or leaving the broken church systems.
Need counselors to respond to those seeking Christ.  Maybe need off-site ministries to which we can refer them for salvation, but who we know are NOT asking for money or building their own church.
Strategy and Planning Team

Need military intelligence, FBI, and/or white hat hacker brainpower and advice to troubleshoot potential security issues with communication with Christians in high-risk countries.  Need advice on personal security and online encryption and redundancy of sites.  Need to risk-manage other potential future scenarios.
Need prophets and teachers to advice and counsel core team.
Need elders to take on responsibilities of administration and care.
Business Support & Connectedness

Need lots of people to be willing to tell the stories of the businesses that are commiting themselves to these tasks so that they can increase sales, generate more revenue and be stronger for what's ahead. 
Need business owners to seek first to buy products and services from obedient companies so that all can grow.  When two obedient companies sell to each other, there should be little or no profit.  Savings should funnel directly to most efficient causes for the Kingdom

Need to buy CHEAP or borrow at least two HD digital movie cameras.  3CCD might work.
Need to identify skilled video editors in the Kansas City area that are fully equipped for feature length video and sound editing and willing to contribute as needed.
Need graphic designers, cartoonists, digital effects artists and others as needed.
Grant Writers

Experienced grant writers with access to databases of foundations and charities, including government and U.N. sources.  We have a unique opportunity to create ANYTHING specifically so that it can be used to suck money out of secular sources.  That is, we can legitimately do micro-enterprise and spend millions to help the poorest of the poor, it's just that we're going to loan to Christians first.  We can build schools for the uneducated in India, it's just that we're going to staff it with a seminary trained church planter and use the school building on Sunday for church.  Shrewd as serpents, harmless as doves.
Other unknown needs for which you might be perfect.


Sounds crazy, doesn't it?!  I'm telling you, it's all coming. Just a matter of how fast we can keep up.  It's going to be a FUN ride!!

Whether you can do one of these or not, we love you.  Stay pure. Stay holy.  Stop all frivolous pursuits. Get right with family. Time is short. The Word is coming!!


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