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WANTED: Christians that want revival and restoration of the Body of Christ more than anything else.

PRIMARY JOB: To help bring in the last great harvest.

TITLE: KOGS (Kingdom of God Servants) - sometimes also referred to as “cogs”

NUMBER OF POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Unlimited - but currently are pitifully understaffed for the size of the harvest we’re predicting.

QUALIFICATIONS: They need to have no other gods before Me. They need to have My heart (hungry, naked, poor, in prison, etc.). They are going to need to be willing to receive with open arms and hearts the Outside Consultants and Management Experts that I send to them for training and correction pur-poses. They must be willing to lay down any flawed traditions or businesses practices that they have been using up to this point, so that I can retrain them. They must want to hear My voice so that I can direct their paths. They must stop putting Me in a box and asking Me to endorse THEIR ideas. They must want to be One Body with all the other KOGS and stop fighting with each other.

We are an equal opportunity employer, but priority hiring goes to those in the following categories: wid-ows, orphans, handicapped, limping, poor, naked, down-trodden, bankrupt, criminals, prostitutes, tax-collectors, common laborers (especially carpenters and fishermen) and other broken, flawed vessels who have been humbled already. Rich people and seminary graduates may have to undergo additional breaking in order to qualify. Anyone willing to truly lay down their life (and stuff) for a friend goes to the front of the line.

REMUNERATIONS: Those accepting this position will get to see the Spirit of God descend in power on their assembly and their town like never before. They will get to see Me walk in their midst. They will learn peace and joy and victory on a scale they didn’t know possible and they will have true community for the first time. They will also be ridiculed and persecuted - but they won’t care. I will individually and collectively lift them up onto My lap and rub their head and wipe away every tear. I will pay all their bills and take care of their every need. I will be their Daddy.

APPLICATION PROCESS: If you have previously been revived for any period of time, before applying again you need to first say you’re sorry for losing what was given to you previously. We can’t give you a fresh fire until you repent for letting the last one go out. (Weeping and mourning is helpful in convincing us of your sincerity.) If you are new to this and have never made application before, just fill out the form below and submit by fervent prayer.

DEADLINE: This vacancy will remain open until we find qualified candidates or until the harvest is over. But time is getting short, so you might want to hurry before you miss it.

NOTE: Those who are comfortable with the current state of things and/or unrepentant for their part in the pain and suffering around them need not apply. Please refer to Ezekiel 9 for clarifica-tion. Church leaders please refer to Ezekiel 34.

For available positions in your area find someone that is feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting prisoners, etc. They have a direct line to Headquarters.  (Or contact www.FellowshipOfTheMartyrs.com)
Name: ______________________________________

Jesus Preference: (check all that apply)
___ Emergency-Only Jesus  ___ Prosperity Jesus  ___ Denominational Jesus 
___ Fire-Insurance-Get-Out-Of-Hell-Free Jesus  ___ Church Growth Jesus 
___ Nonjudgemental-Everybody-Goes-To-Heaven Jesus  ___ Didn’t-Come-In-The-Flesh Jesus
___ Loves-Me-But-Can’t/Won’t-Talk-To-Me Jesus  ___ Not-Quite-As-Good-As-The-Virgin-Mary Jesus
___ Nice-Philosopher/Prophet-But-Not-Divine Jesus  ___ Master, King, Commander, Lord Jesus 
___ Other:____________________________________


Money: (Check One)
___ I owe God 10% of my money. 
___ I owe God 10% of my money and an occasional love gift or offering.
___ I owe God everything I have and none of it is really mine.

Time: (Check One)
___ People have been saying for years that He is coming, why hurry?
___ People have been saying for years that He is coming, I should move faster.
___ He is coming soon! I can’t waste a second!

Sacrifice: (Check One)
___ I am willing to give up Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.
___ I am willing to be substantially inconvenienced on a regular basis.
___ I am willing to die for Jesus.

Love: (Check One)
___ I love the people in my family (mostly).
___ I love the people that are like me and agree with me.
___ I love my enemies (and my family and the people that agree with me).

Humility: (Check One)
___ Mine is the Kingdom ___ Mine is the Power ___ Mine is the Glory
___ Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever.

Prayer: (Check One)
___ I close my eyes when other people are praying and try to pay attention.
___ I often pray in front of people and I pray at home by myself.
___ I pray without ceasing, often alone crying out to God and with tears and supplications.

Availability Date: (Check One)
___ When I’m retired and mostly out of steam anyway. 
___ When I’m perfect and feel worthy.
___ Whenever He says He wants me. Right NOW would be nice.

Please consider me for this position. I’m willing to go anywhere, do anything, endure anything, give anything, unlearn anything, pray without ceasing, be instant in season and out of season, know the Word of God and obey His commands and learn to hear His voice. I know I can’t get there on my own and I’m sorry I ever tried. I will let Him direct ALL my paths from now on and I won’t lean on my own understanding anymore. I will happily receive everything that I’m going to need to be fully equipped for His purposes. I’m ready to start anytime.

Signed: __________________________________
OFFICE USE ONLY: Qualified? ____ Start Date? ____ End Date? ____ Rich Welcome Scheduled? ____

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